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Episode 4

Episode 4

We Are Having An Epic Adventure!

Welcome to the Saturday Morning Ritual

Today I am joined by @YourPalMisty

If you don't know Misty you're going to want to check out her Channel it is @your pal misty here on YouTube.  She is a Sensation!

Tell Us About Yourself! 

My name is Misty my YouTube channel is @YourPalMisty and I am here visiting Deanna in the lovely city of St. Louis, Missouri.  

We have had so much fun.  I have been on an expedition myself of a weight loss and fitness journey I've lost over 160 pounds and uh Fitness Is My Jam so is Deanna and we've had a lot of fun we just finished our morning workout today and we have had so many fun adventures.

Deanna is a gracious host,  I'm sure that's no surprise to anybody you've been very kind thank you for having me thank you.  

We are in an Airbnb so of course there was technical difficulties this morning with you know everything that you know can come your way.  This Airbnb did not come without any difficulties at all check-in was rough we didn't have a code we couldn't get in the door there was other things and that that's a story for another day.  

We want to start the week with celebrating our successes from the week.  Let us know

in the comments this week did you have any nonscale victories or scale victories

anything you want to brag about yourself.   Anything that you want to tell us about how amazing you are because we're here to support each other.  This is a safe space where anybody who's on a weight Loss Journey can get together we can talk about our struggles but we also want to talk about our successes!   Small Success keeps us going is those small moments of pure joy where we just you feel our best and yes yesterday was one of those days for me we went on a strenuous hike it was a long hike it

okay guys see you in the next video as always it's going to be an adventure

#yourpalmisty #Adventuresin St. Louis

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