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Episode 3

Episode 3

Are You Having True Fun?


We are going to be talking about fun today! Fun! Fun!

When I think about fun it’s easy for my brain to immediately go to vacations. A few years back vacation was about food and drinks. I spent a lot of time planning around food.  Where are we going to eat? When are we going to go to eat? Everything else was just filler between eating.

This was one of the small changes I have made over time. First, it just started by being mindful of food. I choose my options carefully, limiting the number of desserts per day.  Followed by reducing the amount of alcohol I was drinking. Then I started being more active and gaining confidence. Vacations became more about adventures and exploring and some relaxation. I was no longer focused purely on food.

Importance of Community - 

  • Support and Safety

  • Connection and Belonging

  • Influence - Community can      influence and motivate us to invest in out well being and bring positive      change

  • Learning

  • Acceptance

  • Sharing

Mind Body Connection

Executive Stretch 

1. Sit in correct posture. 

2. Lock hands behind your head. 

3. Bring your elbows back as far as possible. 

4. Inhale deeply while leaning back and stretching. 

5. Hold the position for 10 to 20 seconds, while you breathe normally. 

6. Relax back to correct seated posture. 

7. Repeat 1 time.

Weekly Assessment

Success - Sharing our Non-Scale Victories 

Examples Include

1. Increased social engagement and activity participation.

2. Participated in a social event without feeling self-conscious.

3. Improved romantic or intimate relationships.

4. Increased participation in group activities.

5. More willingness to be in photographs.

6. Engaging in outdoor activities without discomfort.

7. Trying new activities or hobbies.

8. Improved overall quality of life.

9. More energy to spend time with loved ones.

10. Feeling more confident in social settings.

Pitfalls - Sharing our setbacks 

Examples Include 

1. Social Pressure: Peer pressure to indulge in unhealthy foods can be hard to resist.

2. Late-Night Snacking: Late-night munchies can add extra calories.

3. Alcohol Consumption: Excessive drinking can hinder weight loss efforts.

4. Inconsistent Workouts: Irregular exercise routines can impede progress

5. Eating Out Frequently: Restaurant meals are often higher in calories.

6. Lack of Accountability: Not tracking your progress can lead to complacency.

7. Negative Influences: Surrounding yourself with people who don't support your goals can be detrimental.


9. Fatigue

Let's let go of the pitfalls - we can learn from them but we don't want to hold onto them

Journaling Break - Why I will keep going 

Topic Of The Week

Lets talk about The Power Of Fun - Catherine Price

She talks in the book how TRUE FUN has three key elements 

  1. 1. Playfulness

  2. 2.  Connection

  3. 3.  Flow


Emotionally, Physically, Mentally

I don't need to tell you this 

Let's do A quiz to see your level of fun! Rate yourself 1-5  1 being the lowest, 5 being the highest 

Quiz - How do I experience fun

1. I prioritize fun.

2. I know what fun is to me.

3. Friends think of me as a fun person.

4. I know the characteristics of experiences that make me have fun.

5. I can name at least 5 settings, activities, or people where I have fun.

6. I regularly include these settings, activities, and people in my life.

7. I always have something to look forward to.

8. I make things fun for me and others.

9. I experience delight regularly.

10. I have enough fun?

40 – 50 You Embrace Fun

30-40 Good Job – But you could make some adjustments

Below 30 – You can still make changes focus on things less than 3

Journaling Exercise - 

3 fun moments in your life make an exact account.  How old were you? What were you doing? What was so fun about it?  

Next think about something to do in the future.  It is always amazing to have something to look forward to.  

Fun Jounral 

Keep a fun Journal – To remind you of those time thos you were having fun.  It might make you smile on a down day!  

Some Things To Think About 

Fun Magnets – People activities and settings that encourage fun. 

Fun Factors – What characteristics make them so fun? 

And Anti Fun factors -  What characteristics would make something the opposite of fun?

In the book she also talks about SPARK!  

SPARK - Space – Pursue Passions – Attract fun – Rebel – Keep at it

Make Space – Give permission to have fun - Do you have any resentments. Clear Clutter. Mind as well. Avoid distractions

Pursue Passions – More activities - the fuller your life

Attract Fun – 

Rebel  - Naughty, taboo, harmless things that are against the norm or traditions. 

Keep at it – Commit to it. Who is your fun squad? How can you plan for fun?   

Create a FUN Toolkit! - Things that are fun and include a fun journal momentos from previous fun experiences.  

Weekly Plan

What is the plan for the week ahead?

Next Week 

Even More Fun!

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