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Episode 15

Episode 15

Leave Your SMART Goals at the Door, Small Goals Equal Big Dreams


Brain Body Connection -

Movement is considered the human being’s first language. Movements strengthen the neural pathways between the brain and body. Learning, thought, creativity, and intelligence are not processes of the brain alone but the whole body.

Importance of Community -

  • Support and Safety

  • Connection and Belonging

  • Influence - Community can influence and motivate us to invest in our well-being and bring positive change.

  • Learning

  • Acceptance

  • Sharing

First Up - Let's take a look at the past week

Success - Share Your Non-Scale Victories

Journal Exercise -

What are the small wins?

How can small wins lead to huge accomplishments?

Pitfalls - Let's let go of the pitfalls

we can learn from them but we don't want to hold onto them

Journal Exercise -

1. What is making me not take action on my goals?

2. Is there someone who can help me stay accountable? Who?

The Topic of The Week- Small Goals Big Dreams

We need to consider who we are and what we want before we can set achievable goals. So I have a few exercises for us. Goals Workbook

Wheel of Life

This was an exercise that frequently showed up in my Silk and Sonder Journals.  It helps you keep balance in your life. It’s a compass that lets you know what direction you might need to go in.  - It is important that we are not neglecting certain areas of our life. If we are so focused on one thing eventually those other items are going to come up.  Then you might find yourself putting out fires. Or neglecting other areas.  These are all connected they all have to do with weight loss.

We need to check in regularly to make sure that we are headed down the right path.

Let’s take a look at our Life Goals

What am I doing well?

What needs improvement?

Why even achieve a goal?

The 5 Why's 

The 5’ whys is an exercise that can help you with that.  Why are you going after a goal?

Weekly Plan

A goal is nonsense without a plan - included in the Goals Workbook I have given you a weekly planner and a daily planner.  

Monthly Reflection 

Also included is the Monthly Reflection worksheet, we can’t get to where we are going without looking at where we have been.  

Small Goals = Big Dreams

Who is confident they can lose 1 pound?

Who is confident they can lose 5 pounds?  Done it 10 times over

Who is confident they can lose 10, 20, 30….

Focus on what you are confident - we know we can lose 1 pound so that is the goal and then we will lose the next 1 pound.

If we choose to focus on what we are confidant we can do.  

Lose 1 pound

Then set that goal again. 

Before we know it we will have hit the larger goal. When we think of the larger goal, our brain serves us up resistance.  Circumvent the resistance and just think about 1 pound.  

Journaling Prompts

  1. What do you want to achieve by setting goals? 

  2. Describe your dream life; include how living this dream life would make you feel. 

  3. Write a detailed plan of action for how you’re going to achieve one of your biggest goals. Break it down into small steps and map it out. 

  4. What’s one goal you can set for yourself today that will put you in a good mood?

We Are Not Failing We Are Planning

  • What's the Plan for the week?

  • Any Challenges?

  • Any Outings?

  • Weather things?

  • What is our goal for the coming week?

  • What are you grateful for?

The Impact on Focus and Goal Attainment:

Clarity, Direction, Motivation

Wrap Up

“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.” — Fitzhugh Dodson

  • Stay curious, stay determined, and until next time, keep writing, keep exploring, and keep losing those pounds!

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