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Episode 13

Episode 13

Snackercise: Bite-Sized Moves for a Mega Boost


Well, good morning. Good morning. Welcome to the Saturday morning ritual. Oh, it has been quite the morning already.  Do you ever feel like your body is just snoozing  at the desk party? Well, get ready to wake it up with a. First of Snackercise magic. Yes, we're talking Snackercise today because I love the word.

It's so much fun. It makes me smile. That's all I can say. We're serving up bite-sized Exercises perfect for those micro moments,  you know throughout your day whenever you just need a little bit of oomph  So say goodbye to this sedentary blues and hello to a healthier, happier you.  Good morning.

Hello, Misty. And hello, Cheryl. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.  You know, these little, the snackercise,  these little micro-moments can make for macro results.  So, it's time to snack a little bit and sweat a little bit, one delightful move at a time.  Who said that fitness can't be fun? Because we're going to make it fun.

It's an snackercise party! Yay! But we're not working out today, we're just talking about it. But I encourage you to work out later. Ah, but before we get into all of that, we got to play the little intro.  Yay.  There we go.

Brain Body Connection

We have so much fun.  We're just going to be having all the fun today and the Saturday morning ritual. But first,  we got to do the brain-body connection, just kind of wake ourselves up, get our blood pumping, get our blood flowing. Movement is.  Our first language is, you know, whenever we can't speak, we communicate with our body language with all of that fun stuff.

We have to do that and also brain-body connections and neural pathways. It helps to kind of help with learning and thought and curiosity and creativity and intelligence and all those fun words. So we got to do a little bit of exercise just to get our day going.  This morning, so today it's great to see and well, I guess I can't see you.

It's great to see the words that you type in the chat.  It's great to see the words that you type in the chat. We're just going to do squats for one minute. However, you like to do squats. Get up, and do some squats. If you don't want to get up and do some squats, just do some fist pumps or something. But we got to get our bodies moving.

Yay!  We can move our bodies.  So much fun to move our bodies. Just What's next? That's for a little bit. Howdy, howdy, howdy. Oh my gosh.  Just a little bit of movement to get our day moving and grooving. Make us feel alive and awake and all the good things.

The Importance of Community

I'm so glad you're here because community is so important to me. This is part of the ritual and just.  I want everyone to feel supported and to feel safe here. This is a place where we can connect feel a sense of belonging. Sometimes whenever we're trying to lose weight, we can feel a little bit isolated at times.

So this way. You know, it's a place for us to share. There can be influence that we share. You know, maybe we can help motivate one another to invest in our well being bring about positive change. We can learn from one another. We can share. It just it is just so helpful to have. A community of supportive people. So that's what I want this to be.


So first up, in the Daily Ritual and Saturday Morning Ritual, is we're going to talk about our non-scale victories for the week. Does anybody have any non-scale victories that they want to share? Any non-scale victories that you would like to share? I will not be sharing any non-scale victories or pitfalls for this week because I have a big video coming out later this week.   I want to talk about it in the video and I don't want to do any spoilers Because then you won't watch the video so I can't Share my non skill victories, and I can't share my pitfalls today, so I need you guys to let me know what your non scale victories are.

And that's what we're going to start with. We're getting started with non scale victories. So we've got,  yay, continuing to get dressed every single day. That is excellent. Excellent.  So which way do I need to move? I never knew my right to my left.

So you guys have fun at the animal activity behind me that you can watch while we're chatting today.  So checking out, looking, you know, protecting me, I guess, over there, looking out the window.  You did good with the little cups of water. How did you, yes, I was like curious how that went for you. Because I love little cups, cups of water.

I think it's easier to drink little cups of water than it is to drink big cups of water.  And it's like, I was thinking about it.  And because we're talking about Snackercise today, it's like  Snackercise,  water, rest, wash hands, repeat. Snackercise,  water, wash hands, rest, wash hands, repeat.  So.  I think it's fun.

I think it's fun for babies. Yes, for babies. There's also going to be a video on this nice little contraption behind me.  So be sure to watch out for that because Deanna got in a little bit of a  creative mood and spent way too much time on fun activities that bring her joy. And that's always a good thing.

It's not a bad thing.  I don't know. Maybe it is. Or maybe it's not, who knows? I think my non-scale victory is mostly mindset.  Yes. And getting a coach. Yes.  Accountability coaches. I always cheer for both of those things. I think that having a coach is.  A game changer. I think accountability is so very important,  you know, if we were just always good at keeping ourselves accountable, you know, we're accountable for paying our bills.

Because you know why? Because they're going to turn the electric off. They're going to turn the water off. They're going to keep us out of our place if we don't pay our bills. But so, you know, like, with weight loss, what's the repercussions if we don't do it? There isn't any other than you stay the way that you are.

No one's going to come and take your house away. No one's going to, you know, shut,  you know, your stuff down if you don't do it. So there's no, you know,  accountability. If you don't go to your job, you're going to get fired, you know, then you're not going to get a paycheck. Then you can't do all those other things.

So they keep us doing those things.  How do we keep in line with our personal goals?  Unless we have an accountability partner that helps out in keeping us on target.  It's very, very important. Having a good coach is important. And you know what? It's hard to find a good coach. To find a coach that you trust, that you believe in, that motivates you, not pisses you off, motivates you, is supportive.

You might have to try out a few different coaches before you find the coach that's for you. Before you find the one that makes your heart sing. And nobody can be offended by that because everybody's so different. You have to try out a few different coaches if the one that you're working with isn't working out for you. It might just be a personality conflict. Who knows? It might be the methodology. There are so many. Factors in that, and you just have to be curious,

The part of the Saturday morning ritual is I want to encourage you to take a moment and reflect on both your victories and your pitfalls. So we're going to take a little moment to do a journaling break. You don't have to journal you can sit and think about it in your head for a minute.

That is perfectly acceptable. If you want to write it down on paper, that is perfectly acceptable. If you want to pull up, you know, something electronically and write something down. Perfectly acceptable. There's no wrong way to do this.  But I want you to think about your non-scale victory, what you did right, and how it made you feel, what were the benefits of that non scale victory,  what encouraged you to do that, and what kept you accountable for that.

Non-Scale Victories Journal Prompts

Thinking about your victories, we want to journal about how they make you feel.  Do your victories inspire you to keep going? And if so,  why or why not?

Pitfalls of the Week

Now let's talk about our pitfalls of the week.  Did you have any setbacks? Did you have anything that, you know, tripped you up? Did you have anything hard to do? Is there anything you want to share with us?

I know that we were coming off of Thanksgiving weekend and sometimes with Thanksgiving.  You're so  Thursday and you're so good on Friday.  And then Saturday and Sunday, you just like, feel like you need this, like relief or you just didn't plan ahead because you're so busy thinking about the holiday that you didn't plan for after the holiday, and then things get a little bit off.

Did anybody experience anything like that?  Has anybody experienced anything like that? I know that I have experienced that in the past. So I always know that  I have to plan for the whole time.  You get caught up in Thanksgiving and shopping and time gets away from you. And,  oh, man, you get so hungry to the point that you're like, I don't even care what we eat, but I got to eat now and then you make terrible decisions.

There are all kinds of different ways that we can have pitfalls, especially after Thanksgiving, just the relief from not being with family anymore can sometimes lead people to overeat a little bit. Pitfalls that you would like to share.

Topic of the Week

Sneaky Fitness Hacks. That was the whole title, that's what got you in here to watch this lovely video today.  Sneaky Fitness Hacks, the power of stealthy moves.  Did you ever, you know, just want to be able to sneak some fitness into your life because  I can grant wishes, you know,  seriously, being sneaky about fitness is just about snackercise. So, what is Snackercise

Snackercise is just like small increments of fitness built into your day multiple times throughout the day.

It just makes it easier. To get up and get moving and to keep that energy up and flowing.  Research has shown that sitting for long periods is linked to a whole bunch of health concerns:  obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and unhealthy cholesterol levels that makeup. metabolic syndrome.  Too much sitting overall and prolonged periods of sitting also seem to increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer.

That's, that's all from the Mayo Clinic. That's why it's important to move throughout our day.

  • You could get back pain from long hours of sitting. It can strain your back, leading to discomfort.

  • Poor circulation can hinder blood flow, potentially causing issues like deep vein thrombosis and swollen legs.

  • You can get tight hips for sitting for extended periods.

  • It can limit your range of motion and cause discomfort.

  • Weight gain is a part of the sedentary lifestyle.

  • Muscle atrophy, unused muscles can weaken.

  • Increased risk of chronic disease,  heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

  • poor posture

  • weakened core muscles

  • Mental fatigue.

  • Reduce cognitive function.

  • digestion.  Sitting for extended periods can compress your abdomen and lead to digestive issues, including slow digestion.

  • There are so many reasons why we don't want to sit too long.

We need to set reminders on our phones, get up and move.

My Fitbit.  Beeps at me if I don't get 250 steps in an hour. Trying to remind me, hey, you need to get up and get some movement in. And I think that Snackercise is a great way. Snackercise is just a few minutes of exercise. It could be anything.  Going for a walk,  dancing, standing at your desk, even.

If you're on the phone, can you stand up and be on the phone? Move your body just a little bit and there have even been some studies that show that if that short burst of more intense exercise is great. Get the heart pumping!

The benefits of moving our bodies

  • boost your productivity

  • wakes you up a little bit

  • revs up your metabolism

  • Improved mood

There are all kinds of benefits to doing a little bit of  Snackercise, to getting in those micro movements.  They're going to give you macro results.

On my You Tube channel, I have a playlist of Snackercise to Christmas songs. And I wore a different outfit and everyone, and some of the exercises were with weights and some of the exercises weren’t with weights. And some of them make you laugh and some of them don't. And some of them I'm very uncoordinated in.

Snackercise Ideas

Desk chair squats

So you just stand up from your chair and you lower yourself back down and repeat and you're just doing like little mini squats.

Cubicle calf raises.  S I'm just going to get up on your tippy toes and then lower yourself back down.  Get back up on your tippy toes and lower yourself back down. It's just you know, let your calves take a little elevator ride.

Keyboard crunches. And I'm not talking about carrots. I'm talking about actually doing crunches. Not on carrots at all. Remember to engage your core.

Lunges to fill up your water cup.  Lunge right, lunge left, lunge right with your water cup. Try not to spill it.  Be fun.

Wall sits Sit against the wall knees bent at a 90-degree angle. See how long you can sit there for.

And you're not doing work while you're doing it. Bonus. Yes. Little mental break as well. A little mental break.

Just taking a break, 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there,  it adds up throughout the day.  The key to Snackercise is to keep it light, keep it enjoyable, and make it something fun. You wanna, you know Mix and match on different exercises. You want it to just be the feast of fun fitness because  boost, boost everything, your mind, your body, your spirit, all the stuff.

Right? So, what do you guys think? Are you guys ready to, are you ready to add snackercise into your life? It's a sneaky way to add stuff in, but you just.  I think that it's awesome to set a reminder on your calendar. I also think it's excellent to track it as a habit.

When you start to habit tracking.  Start with trying a doable number and once you become professional at hitting that number, then you can increase how many you're gonna do. Start with an easy doable target. Maybe you want to just start with one. Whenever you Hit that one. Celebrate it!  You did it!  And once you're getting good at taking one Snackercise break, then you make it two.  Hit two. What are we going to do?  CELEBRATE!

How can I add Snackercise and micro-movementss into my life? And how will micro movements impact my life?

The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones, says Confucius.

So we just take little, little,  little stones and then we're going to move a great big mountain.

If we fail to plan, We plan to fail

All right, so let's talk about the upcoming week. We have to make a plan.

If we fail, plan. If we plan to fail, we fail. Can I say it wrong every single week?  We plan to fail.  We failed. Never mind. Anyway, what's the plan for the week? Any challenges? Any exciting outings? Do you have any,  it is the season of parties. It is the season of parties.  I have a party on Thursday and I have a party on Friday.

So I need to have a plan for those parties. What am I gonna do? Am I going to make sure that yes, thank you? Music makes things more fun for me, which is why I liked your musical set. Snacker size. Yes. Thank you.  I just, it was fun. I really, I so enjoyed making those snacker-sized videos. I did.

Didn't have time for it this year, but what's, what's your plan? So now that, you know,  LB has warned us that we don't wanna go to our parties too hungry. We need to, you know, have a plan for that. If I can just, you know, take, have a hard-boiled egg before I go, that protein is good at satiating.  Maybe that's something to work.

You got to know yourself too.  Think about yourself. Think about the past, and what have been some obstacles for you. So maybe it's not that.  You were hungry. Maybe you're a nervous eater and the party makes you nervous. What are ways that you can move around that scenario?  B, have a good, have a good solid plan.

Have a good salad plan. So I've got to make good salad plans because I've got all these parties coming up.  So that's going to mean that I'm short on time for all of the things that I like to accomplish during the week. So I've got to make a plan for that. How am I going to get my exercise in? Probably with a lot of snackercise, but make a plan for that.

Is there anything weather-related that's gonna, you know, trip you up at all? Sometimes the weather can mess with our plans. We have these great plans and then the weather's like, nope.  Food, you know, we always got to make a food plan. We got to make an activity plan, all these things.  Think about your week.

Think about. You know, any challenges, think about the things that you've learned and let's just write about it for a quick second.  Write about it for a quick second.  Here we go! Bumps in the road, many obstacles When we fall, we get up and go, baby The way they think is paradoxical

So we're going to get off early here today. Make sure to check out your pal, Misty.  Get some snackercise in.  Leave me a comment. Tell me What is your favorite kind of exercise to do? And, as always, if, you know, you're enjoying this lovely live stream If you have any other questions, please leave a comment and we'll try to answer them.

And, as always, I'll see you next week. Bye! Bye!  

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