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Before The Glue: Plotting Your Success

Before The Glue: Plotting Your Success

Vision Board Pondering and Planning

Show Notes 

First Up - Let's take a look at the past week

Success - Share Your Non-Scale Victories

Journal Exercise -

  1. What were the best choices that I made this week?

  2. What is my favorite part of my daily routine?

Pitfalls - Let's let go of the pitfalls

we can learn from them but we don't want to hold onto them

Journal Exercise -

  1. What is something that did not go well this week and how did it make you feel?

  2. Over the past week, what have your actions been silently saying about your priorities? Are there any changes you want to make? If so, elaborate.


National Vision Board Day on the second Saturday in January encourages us to set our goals visually. Get out the sticky notes, markers, and inspiration, and start plotting your goals for the new year!


Vision board parties began in 2010 between a group of friends as a way for people to get together in a fun environment to set goals cast a vision and dream out loud in a tangible way. They then mount on their completed vision boards on their walls where they would see them every day. Seeing their hopes and dreams helps set in motion these visions and ideas to become a reality.

Your vision board ideas can represent your big goals and all the wonderful things you want to bring into your life. By placing these images and affirmations on your board, you tap into the subconscious mind, setting a clear direction for your aspirations.

What is the idea behind a vision board?

A vision board (or dream board) is a collection of images and words that inspire and motivate you to reach your goals. They represent the changes you'd like to see in your life.

A vision board will also help you stimulate and activate the reticular activating system in your brain (aka RAS). We're bombarded with information all day, every day so your Reticular Activating System (RAS) is the brain’s way to filter out unnecessary information so that you just receive the important stuff.

While a vision board may sound like a waste of time or just a fun creative project, vision boards can be a big help to your mental health. Visualization, a technique for creating images, diagrams, or animations to communicate a message, is a very useful tool to enhance your life.

Increases Positivity. As you see your goals in front of you or hanging on the wall, you will probably find yourself feeling optimistic about the future. Your future can look like anything you want it to. Stay focused and work with a mental health professional to learn the best skills and tools to accomplish your goals.

What is an anti-vision board?

Create the “anti-vision board,” either literally by creating a board with images that make your stomach turn or just by thinking about all the things that you don't want in your life.

The key to a good vision board is knowing what you want on it.  Some Items to journal about are

I love self-awareness and think it is the secret to success. Some items to ponder are

  • What Habits Will Support My Goals? Identify habits that align with your vision. How can you incorporate representations of these habits into your vision board to reinforce positive behaviors?

  • How Can I Balance Different Areas of My Life? Balance is crucial for overall well-being. How can you represent a harmonious balance between work, personal life, health, and other aspects on your vision board?

  • What Emotions Do I Want to Cultivate? Consider the emotions you want to experience regularly. How can you visually capture and convey these emotions through images or words on your vision board?

  • What Motivates Me During Tough Times? Reflect on your sources of motivation and resilience. How can you represent these sources visually on your vision board to serve as reminders during challenging moments?

  • What Areas of My Life Need Improvement? Take a holistic view of your life, considering aspects like health, relationships, career, and personal development. What areas do you want to focus on and improve?

  • What Energizes and Inspires Me? Identify activities, people, or experiences that bring you joy and inspiration. How can you incorporate these elements into your vision for the future??

  • What Are My Core Values? Reflect on the values that are fundamental to your life. How can these values guide the goals you want to manifest on your vision board?

  • How Can I Overcome Challenges? Anticipate potential challenges and setbacks. What strategies or mindset shifts can you adopt to overcome obstacles on your journey?

  • What Achievements Would Bring Me the Most Fulfillment? Think about your long-term aspirations. What achievements would bring you a deep sense of fulfillment and happiness?

  • How can I Incorporate my strengths into my vision board?


Joel A Barker

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