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Life is an Adventure: From Sewing Projects to Poi Performances!

Hey everyone,

I've been diving into some exciting new hobbies lately and can't wait to share them with you!

I am getting a little bored with Weight Loss Content and feel the need to expand my content. I also don't want to be hyper-focused on weight loss forever. I truly don't want to be all about one thing. That is not true to who I am as a person. I have so many passions and interests. Right now I am completely obsessed with Poi, I have been loving my craft projects, paper Mache, and sewing. I am also dabbling in UGC (User Generated Contents). I want to share all of these adventures with you.

I think that YouTube is not always reliable to show me when people I am subscribed to post new videos. If that happens to you check out these videos that I have posted so far in May.

Episodes of The Saturday Morning Ritual my weekly livestream.

The adventure of making stuff!

Guns n Roses T Shirt
Upcycle T-shirt

Craft Projects: I love making stuff! Right now, I'm obsessed with upcycling and sewing. I have two projects lined up: a t-shirt upcycle and a jeans upcycle. I'll be transforming a Guns N' Roses t-shirt by adding new sleeves from a pink shirt I never liked. For the jeans, which are two sizes too big, I'm planning to make a denim skirt. I'm a bit nervous about how these will turn out, but I'm optimistic and grateful for the opportunity. After all, there's no losing here – either I get two new garments I love, or I learn from the experience.

Poi Practice

When I first got my Poi for Christmas in 2022 I had lofty goals to learn all of the tricks. I then

learned that some of them were pretty difficult to learn. Then I forgot to practice. I did get the opportunity a little and even performed for strangers at Witches Night. I then performed for colleagues at a conference. Not on a stage just casually. Although I would like to perform on a stage.

That opportunity presented itself. I bought a ticket to attend the Missouri Music and Movement convention on June 2, 2024. Then I learned they will have a talent show. I am not sure how talented I am but again, I am becoming brave so I signed up. Since that day I have been practicing every day.

This video is only for people who read the blog.


One last thing keeping me occupied. I am dabbling in UGC (User Generated Content). I have been making content for years, this will just allow me to make a tiny dollar to help with all my hobbies. If you would like to support my hobbies you can buy me a coffee. I would be very grateful!

I am new to UGC and have heard about it before but did not really know how it worked.

Dog and his human mom
UGC Photo

There are many different types of UGC. Just an image with a product. A product image alone, then there are different videos like reels that you post to Instagram or Tik Tok, there are unboxing videos and how to videos, product demonstrations you name it. So far I have mostly explored the image with a product and I have done one reel on Instagram. Mostly how it has worked so far is I buy the product, submit my photo, and then I get reimbursed for the product plus a little extra. I mean a little $5.00. It is fun and I like taking pictures. Although, I don't really like buying all this stuff that I don't need. I am sure that this is going to be an interesting adventure.

Life is crazy and fun. I love being able to explore so many different things. Not focusing solely on my full-time job and weight loss has also been a breath of fresh air. I feel lighter and more free. I think it shows. I have been doing great with my habit tracker for May and I am pretty sure that hitting my step goal will not be a challenge this month. I think it is safe to say that I have not given myself too much to do.

Which one of these adventures excites you the most? What are you exploring in your life? Leave me a comment or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram. Let's inspire each other!

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