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Goals Workbook

Goals Workbook - Includes Wheel of Life Exercise, Life Goals Worksheet, Understanding Goals and the 5 Why's, Weekly Planner, Daily Plan, & Monthly Reflection.

Goals Workbook

The Goals Workbook I designed to help with....Goals!  It includes a Wheel of Life Exercise, LIfe Goals Worksheet, Understanding Goals Worksheet also known as the 5 Why's, Weekly Planner, Daily Plan & Reflection, and Monthly Assessmnet.  

If you have a foal you also need to know why you have that goal and how you are going to reach it.  This is a tool to help with direction.  

The Wheel of Life exercise I first saw in my Silk and Sonder journals.  I thought it was helpful and wanted to share it with you.  

The daily plan I used as my number 1 tool to lose 50 pounds.  It was so helpful to me in losing that weight.  Setting a daily intention and refecting on how my day transpired is something I will keep in my life for a long time.  

Monthly reflections are also a huge benefit to me and I like hacing a simple summary page.  

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